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Learn how to extract the perfect espresso, proper milk frothing technique, pouring latte art as well as creating specialty drinks using flavoured syrups.



Throughout the class, our pizza masters will guide all adventurers through our interactive course, providing recipes, pizza making techniques and the chance to master the art of making the perfect Pizza!



At the FCA, you will learn about the ancient origins of gelato making and experience the process for yourself all the while tasting the creamy goodness along the way!


Learn how to make authentic, fresh Italian Pasta under the guidance of our passionate chef. Our pasta making class is fun, creative and interesting, turning you into an Italian Pasta expert!


Past Event - Canadian Pizza Summit

The 2019 Winners The Canadian Pizza magazine Chef of the Year competition has seen many changes over the years. In 2014, the competition merged with the Canadian Pizza Show, and in 2015, it expanded to include several divisions.

One thing is for sure: there is always lots of excitement centre stage where talented, creative pizza professionals from across Canada never fail to shine!

DEAN LITSTER - Click photo to see more

GIUSEPPE CORTINOVIS - Click photo to see more

MARCO CAVEGLIA - Click photo to see more

GIORGIO TAVERNITI - Click photo to see more

MAURIZIO MASCIOLI - Click photo to see more

JAMES TIMOTHY - THE GREAT BOX FOLD-OFF - Click photo to see more

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