Consumer - Tradizionale Pizza Course

Consumer - Tradizionale Pizza Course


The shareable, round pie. The popular Tradizionale Style Pizza is favorited around the world. Led by our master pizza makers, this theoretical and hands-on course will provide students with a thorough understanding of the science, creation and beauty of the Traditional Pizza pie.

Learn about the dough, kneading and baking of the pizza in both electric and gas ovens.

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Consumer Program - Available to customers with any level of cooking experience. Learn techniques and skills that can easily be replicated in a home cooking environment.


  • Sign In + Greeting package

  • Check in + Greeting drinks and snacks

  • Intro + Course breakdown

  • Pizza Tradizionale Theory

  • Hands-on dough making

  • Tomato sauce making

  • Dough stretching techniques

  • Topping techniques

  • Cooking techniques

  • Group Meal