Consumer - Short Pasta Course

Consumer - Short Pasta Course


Learn the specifics of numerous types of pasta in the category, including penne, rigatoni, trofie, cavatelli, macaroni and other similar types. Students will explore the different types of sauces, additions and garnishes that the pastas are commonly paired with.

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Consumer Program - Available to customers with any level of cooking experience. Learn techniques and skills that can easily be replicated in a home cooking environment.


Consumer Evening Class - 3 Hour Class


  • Sign In + Greeting package

  • Check in + Greeting drinks and snacks

  • Intro + Course breakdown

  • Short Pasta Theory

  • Hands-on dough making

  • San Marzano sauce making

  • Dough stretching techniques

  • Topping techniques

  • Cooking techniques

  • Group Meal