Professional - Napoletana Pizza Course

Professional - Napoletana Pizza Course


Naples, the birthplace of Pizza and the undisputed home of the BEST pizza on earth.  Originally created to honour The Queen Margherita of Savoy, pizza has been at the soul of all thing Naples.  Our pizza masters will guide all students through our interactive course, providing an in-depth focus of the science, technique and essence of pizza Napoletana. 

Following an extensive look into the theoretical science of pizza, students can anticipate a full hands-on experience of mixing, kneading, constructing and baking the pizza in both electric and gas ovens.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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Professional - To all the Food Service and Hospitality industry professionals willing to investigate the culture of high-quality doughs, to hone the acquired skills, to explore pizza preparation techniques, in order to guarantee a high quality standard and an accurate service to clients.


Professional Class

5+ Hour Class


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Intro + Course Breakdown

Pizza Napoletana Theory

The importance of ingredients

The "W" co-efficent

Science of Yeast

Process/Hands-on dough making

San Marzano sauce making

Stretching dough techniques

Topping techniques

Cooking techniques

Baking stages

Group Meal

Certificate Program

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