Professional - Long Pasta Course

Professional - Long Pasta Course


Style of pasta includes spaghetti, bucatini, cappellini, linguini and other similar types of long, thin, flat or round pasta. Courses will explore the different types of sauces, additions, and garnishes that are commonly paired with these types of pasta.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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Professional - To all the Food Service and Hospitality industry professionals willing to investigate the culture of high-quality doughs, to hone the acquired skills, to explore pasta preparation techniques, in order to guarantee a high quality standard and an accurate service to clients.



Professional Class

5+ Hour Class


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Check in + greeting drinks and snacks

The type of grains
Flour technology

Eggs (fresh, pasteurized, freeze-dried)

Types of dough

Cooking methods

Semi-finished products

The stuffings

Costs in the production of fresh pasta

Elements of microbiology

Alternative pasta

Flours of wellness

Thermal treatments

Organization of the gastronomy counter

Certificate Program