Professional - Long Pasta Course

Professional - Long Pasta Course


Learn the specifics of numerous types of pasta in the category, including spaghetti, bucatini, cappellini, linguini and other similar types. Students will explore the different types of sauces, additions and garnishes that the pastas are commonly paired with.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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Professional Program - For food service and hospitality professionals looking to greater understand the process of creating high-quality doughs, to hone their skill and to expand their technique. Explore new pasta preparation methods to offer the upmost quality and service to your customers.


  •  Sign In + Greeting package

  • Check in + Greeting drinks and snacks

  • The types of grains

  • Flour technology

  • Eggs (fresh, pasteurized, freeze-dried)

  • Types of dough

  • Cooking methods

  • Semi-finished products

  • The stuffings

  • Costs of production

  •  Elements of microbiology

  •  Alternative pasta

  •  Thermal treatments

  •  Organization of the gastronomy counter

Certificate Program