Professional - Fruit + Nut Based Gelato Course

Professional - Fruit + Nut Based Gelato Course


Adapted with seasonal inspirations, students will learn the processes behind classic Italian desserts, such as sorbetti and granita. The course will also cover the cream based blends that highlight the complexity of a variety of fruit flavours: pistacchio, fragola, limone.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM


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Professional Program - For food service and hospitality professionals looking to greater understand the process of creating high-quality gelato and sorbet, to hone their skill and to expand their technique. Explore new preparation methods to offer the utmost quality and service to your customers.


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Check in + Greeting drinks and snacks

Intro + Course Breakdown

Sorbetto + Nut based Gelato Theory

The importance of ingredients

Temperature considerations

Texture variations

Sorbetto + Gelato Base Making

Incorporating flavours

Spinning Techniques

Garnish Techniques

Group Meal

Certificate Program