Evoluzione Gelato Course

Evoluzione Gelato Course

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The evolution of Italian gelato, our chefs will take you through complex recipes of newer favorites. Students will explore working with custards and infusions to master the challenging recipes and achieve the perfect texture. (stracciatella, zabaglione, amarena, riso).


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Professional - To all the Food Service and Hospitality industry
professionals willing to investigate the culture of high-quality
gelati, to hone the acquired skills, to explore gelato preparation
techniques, in order to guarantee a high quality standard and an accurate service to clients.



Professional Class

6+ Hour Class

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Intro + Course Breakdown
Analysis of most popular variations

The importance of ingredients

Temperature considerations

Texture profiles

Gelato Base Making

Incorporating flavours

Syrups + Custards

Spinning Techniques

Garnish Techniques

Group Meal

Certificate Program