Basic Barista Course

Basic Barista Course

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The course provides a deep knowledge about the main coffee qualities and the cultivation systems, the blending, the roasting, the perfect extraction of the Italian espresso and the milk foaming techniques.

The theoretical information allows the participants to closely witness the different stages of coffee processing, while the practical tasting part provides the tools for learning how to recognize a good espresso.


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To all the Bar, Food Service and Hospitality professionals willing to increase their theoretical knowledge and to investigate the coffee world techniques and the proper use of the equipment in order to expand their abilities.


The history of coffee and its evolution across the world

The botanical species and varieties. The countries of origin

The green coffee processing stages

The roasting: the processing techniques

The perfect espresso and the 6M rule

The coffee grinder doser: identification of the main components

The grinding and dosing regulation

The grinding and dosing influence over the supplying time

The espresso machine: identification of the main components

The perfect espresso preparation stages

Under-extracted and over-extracted coffee: sensory differences

The different methods of coffee extraction

The milk: types of milk and organoleptic features

The frothing pitcher: material, size and dimensions

The foaming technique

The perfect cappuccino preparation

The station service and management techniques

The maintenance: the importance of the equipment regular cleaning