Professional - Latte Art Course

Professional - Latte Art Course


An advanced, hands-on a course providing the theoretical and practical knowledge to perfectly prepare another great Italian classic: the Cappuccino. Starting from the espresso extraction, students will thereafter learn the organoleptic features of milk, the techniques of perfect frothing and the steps of creating basic patterns: heart, leaf, apple.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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Professional Program - To all professionals and enthusiasts looking to hone their milk frothing and pouring technique. Give a spark of creativity to a great Italian classic.


  •  Milk types and properties

  •  The perfect espresso

  •  The frothing pitcher: which one to choose and how to use it

  •  The steam wand: functions and cleaning

  •  The micro-texture for Latte Art

  •  The optimal cup and the pouring techniques

  •  The hand and wrist exercises

  •  Patterns and decorations: main designs

  •  Technical and practical implementation tests

  •  Maintenance and cleaning of equipment


Check in + Greeting drinks and snacks

Intro + Course breakdown

LATTE ART COURSE theory presentation

Demonstration of the perfect latte art

Hands-on application of milk foaming techniques

Perfect latte preparation

Service and management techniques

Maintenance: equipment cleaning methods