Professional - Latte Art Course

Professional - Latte Art Course


An advanced hands-on a course providing the theoretical and practical know-how for the preparation of another great Italian classic: the Cappuccino.

Starting from the espresso coffee extraction, we will thereafter outline the organoleptic features of milk, the techniques ensuring the perfect frothing and the acquisition of the most innovative concepts for the creation of original cappuccinos decorated with basic patterns: heart, leaf, apple.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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To all professionals and enthusiasts willing to hone the milk frothing and pouring techniques for the decorated cappuccino preparation and to give a twinkle of creativity to a great Italian classic.


The milk and its properties

The milk indicated for Latte Art

The perfect espresso

The frothing pitchers: which one to choose and how to use it

The steam wand: functions and cleaning

The micro-texture for Latte Art

The cup to use and the pouring techniques

The hand and wrist exercises

Patterns and decorations: main designs

Technical and practical implementation tests

Maintenance and cleaning of the operated equipment