Professional - Advanced Barista Course

Professional - Advanced Barista Course


The Advanced Barista Course provides a deep knowledge about the coffee production stages, including the cultivation methods, blending, roasting, the perfect espresso extraction and milk foaming technique. We also teach our students to identify the main coffee qualities and types: arabica and robusta.

Complemented by the theoretical knowledge gained, practical application such as taste tasting and on-machine practice gives the students the ability to recognize a good espresso.


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Professional Program - For all bar, food service and hospitality professionals looking to greater understand the process of creating high-quality coffee. Explore new coffee and milk preparation techniques to offer the upmost quality and service to your customers.


  • Coffee bean origins: cultivation, harvest, processing and selection

  • Coffee bean preparation: roasting, stocking and packaging

  • Espresso coffee bean preparation: blending, grinding, dosing and tamping

  • The blend: selection, composition and taste balance

  • Arabica and robusta: the different aromatic and taste characteristics

  • Processing methods (natural – washed – semi-washed) and the impact on taste

  • Grinding: the proper usage of the traditional and the “on demand” grinder

  • The influence of dosing on coffee body and taste

  • Techniques for uniform distribution of the dose before tamping

  • The causes of under-extraction and over-extraction and the effect on taste

  • Water characteristics: sweetening and filtering methods, the effect on extraction

  • Coffee extraction with scientific instruments: refractometer, vst, pH-meter

  • The station: efficacy, cleaning, order

  • Milk composition: the role of proteins and fats during the frothing stage

  • Milk frothing practical tests

  • Milk pouring: practical tests for the perfect cappuccino preparation

  • The correct micro-texture for Latte Art

  • The proper preparation for coffee-based drinks