Professional - Advance Barista Course

Professional - Advance Barista Course


The course provides a deep knowledge about the main coffee qualities and the cultivation systems, the blending, the roasting, the perfect extraction of the Italian espresso and the milk foaming techniques.

The theoretical information allows the participants to closely witness the different stages of coffee processing, while the practical tasting part provides the tools for learning how to recognize a good espresso.

Course Length: 5 hours – CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

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To all the Bar, Food Service and Hospitality industry professionals willing to investigate the culture of high-quality coffee, to hone the acquired skills, to explore coffee and milk new preparation techniques, in order to guarantee a high quality standard and an accurate service to clients.


The green coffee journey: cultivation, harvest, processing and selection

The coffee sack journey: from the producer to the roaster

The roasted coffee journey: roasting, stocking and packaging

The espresso coffee journey: blend, grinding, dosing and pressing

The blend: selection, composition and taste balance

Arabica and Robusta: the different aromatic and tasting characteristics

The processing methods (natural – washed – semi-washed) and the influence over taste

The grinding: the proper use of the traditional and the “on demand” grinder

The influence of dosing over coffee body and taste

Techniques for uniformly distributing the dose in preparation for the pressing

Channeling causes analysis

Analysis of how different supplying times can cause an under-extraction and an over-extraction, therefore changing the espresso taste

The water characteristics: influence over the extraction, sweetening and filtering methods

The extraction through the use of scientific instruments: refractometer, vst, pH-meter

The station: efficacy, cleaning, order

The milk composition: the role of proteins and fats during the frothing stage

The milk frothing practical tests

The pouring practical tests for the perfect cappuccino preparation

The correct micro-texture for Latte Art

The proper preparation for coffee-based drinks