Pizza Night at the Faema Culinary Academy

Looking back to a chilly January evening in which we held on our first cooking class of the year, we at the Faema Culinary Academy were excited to have a relaxed evening in our warm kitchen.

Our guests enjoyed welcome cocktails of Aperol Spritz and an endless apertivo (assorted meats, cheeses, breads, and condiments.)

Our chef took time to go through their personal connection to pizza, as well as some more technical aspects of yeast fermentation, gluten bonds, and tomato acidity.

After a brief history lesson, students were then invited to get hands on running through dough making, sauce blending, and stretching techniques.

The pizza party really gets in full swing when we break out seasonal ingredients and invite our students to create their own pizzas in our 900 degree oven!

Afterword all students are invited to sit down and taste each other’s creations, the evening is capped off with traditional desserts and a take home kit to help you relive the evening!These parties are perfect idea for date night, family outings, and get-togethers with friends. Larger groups can be booked in advance to accommodate parties and corporate functions. The FCA is a great team-building environment and our state of the art facility is available for rental as well.

Keep an eye on our 2019 course calendar and book in advance to take full advantage of this amazing cooking school experience.

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Modestino Carbone
Gelato Class at the Faema Culinary Academy

In addition to our in-house curriculum, the FCA is host to a series of guest Chef forums and courses.

Last May we were excited to have renowned Italian Chef Matteo Casone from Bologna in house for a special two day gelato course.

Chef Matteo brought techniques and experience from his gelateria “La Macelleria,” which was awarded one of the 100 top food experience of Queensland, Australia for two consecutive years.

During the instructional class, Chef Matteo provided a hands on experience taking students through the essential points of gelato making.

Focusing on fruit, nut, and cream based gelati, this culinary class revolved around high end techniques that combine tradition of the past with the technology of the future.

Keep an eye on our 2019 course calendar as we look forward to having Chef Matteo and other special guest chefs on tap for unique learning experiences at the Faema Culinary Insitiute.

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Jennifer Dalimonte
A Night out at The Faema Culinary Academy

Faema Canada is proud to host one of the best culinary schools in Toronto and our 2018 course calendar is quickly filling up! With super approachable classes for all levels of cooking knowledge, the FCA offers a fun and educational experience that is so much more than just another night out.

Located on the 2nd floor of a historic Ford Motors Building, guests will be greeted with in house cocktails and snacks that set the scene for the evenings class. Students will be provided with comprehensive technical knowledge as well as a hands on learning experience culminating in an awesome dinner with your fellow students and teachers.

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Pizza Romana Tonda

Born in the historic streets of Rome’s Trastevere, the Romana Tonda (translated to thin) is a staff favorite amongst the team at the FCA.

Using 00 flour and kneading techniques similar to the pizza Napoletana, the Romana style of circular pizza relies on a lower hydration (58-60%) along with a longer cooking time to create a symphony of crunchy perfection.

At the FCA we like to use our Moretti Forni P120 deck oven to allow the refractory brick baking surface to really pull the moisture out the dough. This allows for that perfect balance of golden caramel on top of the pizza and the perfect sear on the bottom.

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The Modern Pizzaiolo

 The Faema Culinary Academy not only offers access to over 60 years of industry knowledge, but also access to cutting edge technology in the pizza-making field.  Take for example our Ceky Il Rotante Oven.

A brilliant blend of gas and electric power supply guarantees cooking cycles will remain uninterrupted. Embedded coils keep the refractory stone constantly hot, ensuring the perfect sear on the bottom of the pizza. The rotation guarantees an even cook to lock in that true Napoletana cornicione (blistered crust.)

Our cooking school and event space offers access to top of the line products to ensure you are staying ahead of the next culinary trends. Our chefs are firmly rooted in tradition, but are obsessive about the science and technology behind what truly makes a pizza or a business push through to that next level. Be sure to check out our Consumer and Professional level classes to see which culinary course makes the most sense for you or your business.

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Food Lovers are always tough to shop for! Chances are they already have that perfect potato peeler you just picked out. They own the cutest little home countertop mixer, have eaten at 90% of the top 100 restaurants in Toronto, and in general already have every amazing gift idea you come-up with.

What we at Faema can almost guarantee they do not have is free reign over a 900 degree, handmade, Neapolitan oven. The FCA offers a fun, interactive and hands on learning experience with our Pizza Napoletana Classes. A three-hour evening course provides cocktails, technical knowledge and hands on experience making dough, dressing pizzas, and getting the chance to cook in the traditions of Napoli.

Gift certificates for the Faema Culinary Academy are just a click away making this the perfect last minute holiday gift for the food lover on your list! Be sure to check out our other pizza courses, as well as pasta, gelato, and barista courses and book your spot for the New Year.

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ICCO Christmas Party

Toronto – Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario members gathered at Faema Canada's showroom in Toronto for their annual Christmas party on Dec. 12.

An evening of prosecco, pasta, pizza and other culinary delights informally highlighted the rich history of family companies such as Olivieri Foods, Faema and Pizza Nova.

The Chamber's executive director, Corrado Paina, introduced Alain Locqueneux, general manager of Olivieri Foods, a company specializing in retail pasta products that has been in operation since 1957. Locqueneux spoke of the company's long history and commitment to quality. 

Faema Canada's Di Donato family, who provided the party's venue, were celebrating 60 successful years since founder Mike Di Donato started the business. Di Donato addressed the audience of about 100, recalling his start in the business and stressing the importance of family. 

The ICCO, which has operated since 1961, develops connections between its Italian commercial partners and local companies and investors, and promote the values of the Italian culture. The organization holds educational and networking events several times a year in the Toronto area, including Centitalia in November.

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